How-To Play: Beat the Dealer Drinking Card Game

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[Music Playing\ Hi Youtube. Tim Rowland again; for Tim A Rowland Tube. I thought today I would teach you a card game It can be played as a drinking game or a stripping game. It’s usually played as a drinking game, but it works pretty good as a stripping game too. Just a little fast. I mean, the game goes by pretty quickly if you turn it into a stripping game But anyway, the original title for this game is actually called, “Fuck the Dealer” but the more PG version and the one I’m probably going to use for the title of this video is, “Beat the Dealer.”

Which is the same game… different names. This is usually played in like colleges; so if you’ve been to college or university if you’re in the UK then maybe you’ve heard this game. Maybe you’ve played this game. I don’t know. If not… you should. It’s fun.

So any way, you don’t have to look at me anymore for this video. I’m going to let you look down at the cards so you can see what I’m doing. It’s actually a very simple game. It’s real easy to follow . It won’t take you that long to pick it up and it won’t take me that long to teach you. So, figure it’s the perfect game to start with.

I’m going to start teaching you more, uh, stripping and drinking games. This is basically just a new playlist and new series called, “Naughty Fun Ideas.” So anyway, let’s get started. Okay, obviously this game is played with just regular playing cards. You can see these are just regular playing cards. Um, these are actually a little shorter than regular cards, but still, any playing cards will work.

Like I said, it’s really simple. First thing you want to do obviously in pretty much any card game- you know- make sure they’re shuffled. Oh, I apologize; I know you can see the legs of the tripod but there’s really no way around that, so, anyway. Yeah, so first, make sure they are shuffled. These actually need to be shuffled really well for this game. Otherwise, it becomes way too predictable; which defeats the purpose of the whole game.

Uh, If I sound like shit, by the way it’s because I still have a sinus cold. This is like the third- I think- third video I’ve made today. But I’m still getting over a sinus cold, so yeah, I sound like shit. They’re shuffled. Think they were already a little bit shuffled It’s pretty simple. It would be like this.

I’m the dealer You’re standing across from me And you do 1, 2, 3. 4…5…6…put it on the other side 7 Now the whole idea of the game; if you can’t really see which you should be able to, but it’s the seven…ten…five…ten…three…eight..and ace. Another thing that makes this really simple is in this game anyway; the suit of the card doesn’t matter at all.

Like, not what so ever Um, the Ace. You can decide before you play the game but the Ace can be either the lowest card or the highest card. Me- personally- I do, you know, the number or face value for numbers and you have Jack, Queen, King, And for me; it goes… Ace; and Ieave the Jokers in and make those the highest card. But that’s just me You do that part however you want.

Now, the whole idea is, you ; I’m the dealer… you’re the other person playing. We start from your perspective, so, this is your left… so you tell me if this higher or lower and just for the sake of argument we’re going to say that since it’s my video, we’re going to do this my way [laughing a little] We’re going to say that this comes right before the Jack. So you just decide; is this higher or lower than the next card? Go ahead and put in the comments; do you think this is higher or lower?

Got your guess? Alright. Then I take the card.

Put it down. It’s a five so, that’s lower. Again, this is a five, so, obviously it’s lower than an Ace for our purposes.

Now the way it works is if you were right and you guessed “lower” then as the dealer; if we’re doing a drinking game; I have to take a shot. Or a swallow of beer or whatever you want to use. If you were wrong; then you take a shot or a swallow of beer or again whatever we’re using. Then, you just simply do the next one.

This is an eight. Do you think it’s higher or lower? The next card. Do you think the next card is going to be higher or lower?

Again; put it in the comments. Alright, you got your guess? Here comes the next card. Queen.

So, it’s higher; obviously. Same thing. If you guessed higher then, I have to drink or strip; depending on which one we’re playing. If you guessed lower, then you have to drink or strip…and anyway.

That’s how that works and you just keep going- you know- all the way down the line. [Read Text in White] If it’s a drinking game; you can play until- you know- the entire deck is gone. Then switch. The person playing becomes the dealer and you’re the one guessing. If you have a whole bunch of people playing, then you have to just kind of get creative. They can either play one at a time and you can all trade off, or they can split up into teams, and then one person becomes the dealer for the next round.

Uh, that kind of thing. If you’re playing it as a stripping game; then obviously, once they are completely naked and they have nothing left to lose… then they’re out and the next person ….you know… it’s the next person’s turn. And as a dealer; if you end up naked, then you’re done being the dealer and someone else takes your place. And so forth. Okay, well… I’m sure you get the idea.

Like I said… you just keep going … so….yeah… you get the idea. So that’s how you play “Beat the Dealer” or “Fuck the Dealer” depending on which way you want to call it. Goes by both names.

So yeah. That’s that. Anyway…yeah.

That’s how you play that. So this is a great thing to play at parties and even just playing with your friends when you are bored. Whatever If you want to have a good excuse for drinking; this would be… that. Trust me.

But all I can say is Drink Carefully. Drink Responsibility. And uh, try to be smart; even after you’ve been drinking. Know when to STOP drinking because alcohol poisoning is a real thing. So, anyway… that’s that. Uh, until next time; Subscribe.

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