Gambling Scams: You Can’t Trust Them

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The gambling industry is among the fastest growing industries today. It brings in massive amounts of money to the owners and to the governments, as well, in the form of taxes, fees, and charges. Such is the case, a lot of people or groups of people have entered the gambling industry but are there only for a scheme of making money through fraudulent means or through fooling people. This is more popularly known as gambling scams and they come in different types.

A common gambling scam is sent through either the snail mail or through the faster electronic mail. Sometimes, your personal information is disclosed by one company to another company without your consent or those groups involved in scams usually hack your personal information. So, beware, too, in putting up your personal information to unsecured sites. They usually send letters saying you have won as much money that could really make you an instant millionaire. The psych of having this much money could tend to drive you to do whatever they ask for just to be able to claim the prize. After a confirmation, they will start asking you to send a certain amount of money. Always remember that when you win in any contest of chance, a representative of that company or casino will contact you personally and will give you the prize without any conditions and deductions aside from the tax.

Sometimes, scam groups do not ask for money or anything when they notify you about your prize money. It is assumed that they already know your personal information or that they have a means for getting such. They would ask you to call a certain number and enter the number of your bank card, debit card, or credit card. The telephone number you are asked to call actually uses a VoIP or the Voice over Internet Protocol. The VoIP recognizes the number you press on the telephone and after doing the voice instructions that asks for other personal information, voila! They can charge what they want from your card and you will not know it until you get your bill or ask your bank about your money.

These are but among the scams used today by syndicate groups. There are more that would likely be thought of by these groups to pursue gambling scams. The important thing is to be aware and be skeptical about offers of great money. Ask if you must or consult with the proper authorities about these offers. If they are legitimate, well and good. If they are not, take the necessary steps to help prevent gambling scams to perpetuate.