Free Spins Elevator

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I’ve deposited a thousand this is the promotion it’s called free spins elevator there is weirdly two and they’re both different one one is better than the other right that’s the better one okay what you do is on these red tiger jackpot games you know like rainbow jackpots and lucky Halloween and all that you have a level of wagering for each floor that you can reach so floor one is a hundred pounds worth of wagering and what’s interesting is the free spins you get awarded it’s not an amount of free spins its amount of time so you get thirty seconds of free spins once you’ve waited 100 quid the free spins the credited are atps spin. Find out more about free spins at CasinoSlots.

So I’m kind of interested to see how much I can win in six minutes worth of free spins because you can spin the shit out of these with the spacebar con you so that’s what I’m gonna going to try and do this I believe this better one is exclusively for anyone that’s signed up to bet they’re using my link there is a normal one yes so it’s so it’s a bit worse like three minutes is the top pound per spin which is a bit better but then everything else is 60 P 40 P 20 P 20 P so yeah I’m gonna try that I hope it picks out the right one I’ll click on play now I’m aiming for the six minutes basically only but but if I wager 1500 I wonder if I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know if I’m gonna have to wager a hundred then I get thirty seconds then I’m going to off the wager another 250 or is it 150 on top I don’t know hunts of those questions when I get there I guess so yeah I’m going to start on probably rainbow jackpots and see what happens I’ll be back with you okay.

So when you go into the game it brings up a little pop-up it says bonus awarded enjoy infinite spins for 30 seconds so this is the first level I’ve got a wager 100 pound I’m just going to click claim right Sofia right okay I’ll get on with it Oh party loud come on stop for me yes it’s just a hat I wanted to see a puff of smoke all right why it’s nice nice that’s a decent wind come on as you can see at the top it struck in my wager I’ve waited 10 quid so far that’s going to be a hell of a win surely that’s a great little symbol actually stopped 8c quit nice well that’s paid for my wagering there nothing it pretty much so I’ll bring you back when this bar is full and then I can see what’s going on with the the free spins right the wagering is done the bonus is unlocked it says go to it’s yeah rainbow jackpots is on there.