Bluffing Strategy

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Certainly one of the most exciting feelings in poker is knowing that you have just made the other player fold the best hand. It makes us feel like we have outsmarted or outplayed our opponent and many think that is what poker is all about. Still there are certainly situations when it is better to avoid bluffing and some opportunities which make it possible to run more successful bluffs. Although there are certainly far more things than could be talked about here, we will try to touch on a few of the the important ones.

Do not try to bluff very often, or try to bluff frequently out of position. Remember you should not really be playing a large number of hands at all, so if you’re trying to bluff too frequently, you are already probably playing too many hands as it is. Likewise, if you are trying to bluff too often, the other players at the table are going to give you less and less respect and if you are more likely to be caught without a hand. Also, it’s important to establish early on, which players you think are capable of bluffing and which that you probably will have less success against. Every player can be bluffed, but some players are much more bluff able than others, if you continually try to outplay someone who is better than you are and does not get bluffed easily, you will find you do not have very much money.

Try to understand that against more perceptive players poker is something like a story. For a good bluff to work, you have to write the story in a way that makes it seem possible to them that you have a better hand than they do. If you do something that makes little to no sense to another player, they will be very unlikely to give you any credit for your move and you will subsequently be called and will lose the pot.

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